Dating pewter plates

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The plate was issued for the benefit of the Danish relief mission to Messina after the earthquake on the 28Crowned shield with the cross of Saint Andrew and four roses. Oval plate shaped as a crowned shield with the cross of Saint Andrew and four roses.

On the stone with an agave plant the inscription MESSINA 1908.

Paul), two towers, the sun and the moon, below wavy lines - a free composition over the city arms of Aarhus. Commemorating the beginning of the restoration of the church.

Inscription: MANVS QV GVNAS MOVET MVNDVM REGIT (The hand that rocks the cradle, governs the world). in aid of Queen Louise's day-nursery in the Danish Virgin Islands. RC-CM76: 1907 Dronning Louises vuggestue I dansk Vestindien.

Made on the occasion of the Red Cross Society's 30th anniversary. 300 copies 7.75 and 15 copies 11.75Nordisk Postmde i Kbenhavn.

Inscription: INTER ARMA CARITAS (Charity in war) 1877-1907. Design: Karl Hansen-Reistrup : 8 , 22 cm Aarhus Cathedral.

Udfrt i anledning af moderhusets 40 rs indvielsesdag. (Association of Danish Commercial Travelers) in a shield around which 5 motifs showing various means of transport.

(Det r den store istandsttelse pbegyndtes under Hack Kampmanns ledelse.) Mother with child and cradle. Indskrift: MANVS QV CVNAS MOVET MVNDVM REGIT (Den hnd der rrer vuggen styrer verden). Stende diakonisse, i baggrunden hospitalet p Peter Bangsvej i Kbenhavn. Design: Christian Thomsenercury staff with letters F. There are many good publications available that describe the history of Pewter, but before the use of Pewter in British culture, records of early Pewterware were not historically well documented.What is known is that, when compared to other casting alloys with an ancient metallurgical history, Pewter with its’ low melting temperature (450F, 232C) allows for a variety of manufacturing techniques.

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