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Chance Eau Fraiche is quite lovely and very much a fresh, daytime fragrance. It's also decidedly unsweet which makes it very daywear/office appropriate. It's never really been on my radar, but my boyfriend saw someone selling an 85% full 50ml for a mere ten bucks on our local FB swap page so he snapped it up for me figuring if I didn't like it, I could swap it on here. What I get the most from this fume is delicate flowers (water hyacint) mixed with pink pepper for sparkling edge. She said she mixes Allure and Chance, without specifying one.

Cedar is definitely there but not a masculine type of cedar, very gentle and polite. I went to Dillard's, grabbed one of the 4 testers, sprayed myself generously and left. It was lemony and sporty and fresh and kind of reminded me of a shower, soap and shaving foam, the old-school white foamy kind.

Otherwise the smell is pretty, inoffensive, yet a bit masculine - vetiver gives it its masculine vibe. I ve used 3 bottles and think I m done :) I've been wearing this for the last couple of days, and I'd say its definitely a fragrance for women.

It s definitely not a typical summery fruity floral. There is a freshness in the hit of lemon I get on first spray that's possibly more unisex, but the drydown on my skin is jasmine and hyacinth and a sweeter, softer, more sherbet-lemon that's very feminine to me. Its summery, fresh and quite playful for a Chanel fragrance.

Online shops offers: The Perfume Shop 3 items for 62.00 - 88.00 uk 4 items for 78.70 - 122.10 GBPFragrance UK 1 product for 122.01 GBPFragrance 1 product for 159.95 USDView products... Top notes are lemon and cedar; middle notes are pink pepper, water hyacinth and jasmine; base notes are teak wood, iris, amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk.

This perfume has a very low longevity which is its main drawback.More like a flat sprite drink that sat out all day but thats okay we're not drinking this stuff.I only like this better than Versence because of the extensive performance for a citrus perfume in this genre marketed for women.I can see this being perfect for a hot summer's day or to go to the gym wearing. But anyone else thinks the dry down has the similar vibes as to CK2? Im not perfume expert, it just reminds me so much of CK2.It's refreshing and crisp and I do really love scents like this. Since citrus scents are my favorite I've been spending years trying to find THE citrus scent -- and I think I've found it with Chance Eau Fraiche!

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