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Paychecks are only partial for most employees, and you have to beg for the rest. He also insisted to all teachers they arrive earlier than their scheduled shift that was agreed upon in the contract. The man sometimes verbally abuses people by speaking negatively to his wife or female employees.They are not willing to assist you in making your class or classroom better.October 12, 2017 PM I would like to make a post about "Worwik franklin institute Ulsan." XXXXX let cut my contract short when I fell at home and broke my shoulder, XX demanded that I move out of my apartment 2-3 days after my surgery to repair my shoulder, and I still had two metal pins in it holding it in place.Xxx also refuses to pay me the money I am owed for the work that I had done previously and keeps "threatening to sue me".As a person who has had pneumonia, I understand how dangerous it is.When she told our director, he laughed in her face.Maybe at one point the foreign teachers were treated and paid well, but now foreign teachers are treated as a dime a dozen. Its hard to list just how bad this place is but this is some of the shit I had to put up with: Was never paid any overtime whatsoever despite putting long hours in.Frequently had no breaks between classes despite being promised so.

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She tried to be strong, but ended up being in so much pain that she was crying in her class.Additionally, I had gotten into a relationship that my parents did not approve of. However, he had someone else manage it until February.My dad visited and seemed like he wanted to take me from the country. " He then proceeded to say that he was a dad and had a daughter, so he understood my dad. Since February, when he and his wife began managing it, there has been a 200% turnover rate (including receptionists).October 31, 2017 PM This is a reconfirmation of the post from 2012? The school took a big hit because it lost a large number of students. You can expect to be paid on time but expect to always have excuses as to why so much money is being taken out of your monthly paychecks.There Is a positive review on Glassdoor by a nervous pressured foreign teacher but it is completely inaccurate. October 19, 2017 PM I worked at Avalon in Gwangju, Tae Jon Dong and if I were you I'd avoid it at all costs.

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