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Rick Wilber's War Bride is an alien invasion piece inspired by the US's involvement with Subic Bay. uses the many-worlds hypothesis to explore the interplay between love and disgust. Scott Baker's The Jamesburg Incubus turns traditional ideas of magic and social conformity into a new level of symbiotic love.

One of the more sexy/plausible stories in this book.

They could communicate, yes, but culturally they were still worlds apart. I'm one of many who served in the Resistance, and my family is small, comparatively.

Elisa brings them a little closer together, by giving him a name. The very fabric of space and time shuddered at his touch. Paaran Shie has fourteen brothers and sisters.""Which is crazy.""It's an average number.""For Angara. I get that she doesn't raise the kids on her own, but damn.""It is a blessing to have so many children; I would be ecstatic if you gave me as many."A sudden silence fell over the Pathfinder Quarters.

I expected these stories to be darker, but most were more weird fiction or sci-fi.

Nothing wrong with those genres, but I wanted more horror.

Some of the stories here were published in the ill-fated New Dimensions 13, a SF anthology which was deemed too controversial by the publisher at the last minute—the entire print run, save for a few review copies, was pulped.

The contents are as follows: Leigh Kennedy wrote Her Furry Face, a story about chimp-human love that would make Jane Goodall wet.But they never realized how hard it would be, since the greens now have a new, stronger, smarter and vicious ally on their side. I thought of their unfathomable distance, and the slow inevitable drift of their movements out of the unknown past into the unknown future.— H. Ash doesn't think she has any connections with this new planet at all, or that it would have any importance to anything.Little did she know that this planet contained everything that had to do with her, it was just a matter of time until she found out all its secrets and everything this new planet had to offer. Lance knows this because he was one once- that is, until he is captured by Seekers and a Soul implanted in his body. Craig Tucker always was fascinated with the stars, feeling closer to them then to his own friends sometimes. There were no flying saucers or light beams from the sky. (Tags will be added as updated) Jaal raised an eye ridge.Deciding to peruse his passion, he observes the stars on the hill outside of South Park only to see something unimaginable happen.(Celestial Body Tweek and Astronomy Major Craig) He had no name, only titles and a series of noises that she wasn’t able to replicate no matter how hard she tried. Just a syringe in the neck and he woke up on a ship, in space. "There's hardly anything remarkable about me or my life.

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