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Weed out the unprofitable customers When modifying or establishing a customer loyalty program, you should keep in mind your unprofitable customers.

"The last thing in the world you want to do is make an unprofitable customer loyal," Wreden said.

[Read More...]Online Dating Magazine is a free and independent publication covering the online dating industry for singles and online daters.

The publication also serves as a watchdog group for online daters.

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"It takes seven months into a relationship to see a profit," Cibants said. We spend million a year acquiring customers, but we still lose 52%."The main reason loyalty programs fail is they're trying to encourage future behavior," Wreden said."They want you to buy more versus rewarding past behavior." Among RFID, wireless point-of-sale technology, such as Mobil's Speedpass, and new innovations, there will be new investment in loyalty programs, Wreden predicted. Not because the mom’s not gorgeous, funny, or cool.But because they just aren’t ready to add some kids into their lives that aren’t even theirs.

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