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I’ve been a Mac guy for almost my entire adult life.I wrote my first college papers on a typewriter, but by the end of my freshman year – almost 30 years ago – I was on an IBM PC.

Because the past year or so has been dominated by the kind of computing nightmares that used to be the defining experience of my Windows-PC-wielding friends and colleagues. Watching her struggles, and trying to help (and realizing I couldn’t without bringing in expensive professionals) made me wonder – ? The contract is for two years, and I don’t feel like paying 0 to get a new phone. – called “other.” I was alerted to this issue when I couldn’t take a photo because my storage was full.For instance, she could no longer IM me – all of a sudden, she was on “me.com” and her IMs came to my cell phone as texts.(In other words, Apple defaulted to its own i Cloud services, and wiped out her AIM-based identity). Oh, and every time she clicks her mouse to try to move a window around, a message about “Icons and Text” appears. Little irritations like this happen all over the place, piling one upon the other until it crescendos with a long, wailing lament – WHAT AM I USING HERE – WINDOWS?! And the i Phone and i Pad are Perfect Expressions of Beauty, Ideal Combinations of Form and Function. Have you ever done a search in your i Phone contacts?You need the fingers of a poorly fed six-year-old to activate that search function.No, really, I must waste four or five minutes a day trying to make that damn thing work.

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