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The infection left so much scarring on her abdomen that Chelsea was told she would not be able to carry children of her own.

Hid Ford Decker's body (December 2007) Drugged Ford Decker which contributed to his accidental death (December 2007) Accidental hit and run of Zack Brady resulting in his death (December 2005) Numerous driving infractions Spiking a drink belonging to recovering alcoholic Billie Reed Drugging Patrick Lockhart with the hopes of sleeping with him Chelsea was introduced as Abby's best friend, supposedly a 'good girl', but in reality Chelsea was encouraging Abby to smoke, drink, and lie to her mother.

Eventually, Chelsea did turn herself in for being responsible for the accident and she was given community service for her involvement in Zach's death.

Spanish Fly Gold is completely safe when used as directed.Determined to find a boyfriend, Chelsea, using the screen name "Dark Angel", began corresponding online with someone named "Lonely Splicer". When Chelsea found out that Nick was "Lonely Splicer" she was so upset that she did not even want to be friends with Nick.Upset over loosing Chelsea's friendship, Nick slept with Chelsea's mother, Billie.Not long after moving in (and a number of close encounters with Max Brady), Chelsea was horrified to learn that the people who had raised her, the Bensons, were not her parents at all -- Bo and Billie were!Years earlier, Billie and Bo had believed their daughter, Georgia, had been stillborn, but she had been stolen by the Di Meras.

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    Pinsky's departure comes as the high-end psychiatric hospital in Pasadena, where four patients died and one was raped in recent years, faces renewed scrutiny after inspectors learned of several recent escapes and near-suicides.

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