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But even with this advantage, finding something to see and do in Hucknall was a challenge.

Now, which would you rather have: history or Colonel Sanders?When I entered the church and asked the vicar if I could visit Byron's tomb, she laughed and said: "well, you can see the plaque". The plaque is a sealed entrance to the crypt, last opened by Canon Barber in 1938.The Canon actually peered into Lord Byron's coffin and saw the poet's embalmed body, Byron even had a smile on his face - I can't help thinking what a great tourist attraction this could be!Find out about Hucknall's nightlife My name's Bob Winsor, I grew up in Hucknall and left in 1982 when I was 18.I loved my teenage years in Hucknall - listening to the Ramones, skids, Stranglers etc.

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