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It had been several months since my sister Elizabeth and I quit school.We were hired to work at Mom’s office as ‘data intake specialists’, which meant entering names and numbers into a computer all day long.That’s why they finally hired two more members to complete our team. I pressed my large purple head right up to her cervix and gave her exactly what she asked for. In only a few minutes we were ready, and we dashed to the car to be at work by nine.That’s about all I wanted to skip through, but before you ask, I’ll tell you: yes, I’m still staying close to my sister (and mom). The drive was about twenty minutes, so we figured we wouldn’t be more than a couple minutes late.Then we can fuck to our heart’s content.” I sounded annoyed by their constant begging for my cock, but honestly I was loving every second of it.We arrived at the tall pale-white office building and bid farewell to Mom, who’s office was a floor up from ours.I have to get it once in the morning or else I can’t function.” “It’s not like we can do it at work.” Mom said.

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She had light brown hair that was tied up in a neat bun, and it was unfortunate that she had her arms crossed, since her tits were amazingly perky for how large they were.She had bigger breasts than the first girl, but neither could compare to my sister’s: even before she was pregnant. “You can call me Lizzy, short for Elizabeth, and this is my brother Ray.She seemed nervous too, but both jumped from their seats once they noticed our entrance. We’ve been working here for a few months, so if you have any questions feel free to ask either of us.” “Great,” this time the blonde girl, Trisha, spoke, “I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions.Elizabeth and I followed the familiar corridor to our office, which was a moderately sized room with a large square table in the center and a small brown desk in the back.The large table had four chairs pulled up to it with two on one side and two on the opposite side, so that two team members could sit next to each other and the other two would sit across from them.

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